How it works

My job is to listen very carefully to what you tell me, look at as many indicators as are available and then give you the garden you wanted, only better.

My portfolio of work includes a wide range of gardens and styles, from small city gardens and roof terraces to large country gardens and estates. Though always led by a love of plants, my designs can vary from strictly formal or contemporary to traditional country gardens and most things in between as I interpret and realise clients' different visions. I have delivered gardens that are variously family friendly, ultra-contemporary, architectural, sensory, adapted for people with disabilities, low maintenance or highly ornamental, gardens for sun and gardens for shade. 

My more unusual projects have included designing and maintaining a complex and constantly changing "window garden" for someone with restricted mobility,  an inner-city garden which reconciled the clients' desire for a relaxing and sophisticated outdoor space with the requirement for an area devoted to the needs of their giant tortoises, and a replacement for Sir Winston Churchill's painting hut. There are as many designs and styles as there are clients; there is no single formula.

Every part of the process of creating a new garden, or reviving an old one, should be a pleasure. From the initial meeting and exchange of ideas, through the planning stages and then to the building and final shape, there should flow a feeling of anticipation and excitement.



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