Design process

After making contact I will usually arrange a visit to discuss the brief and explain the design process. A fee proposal is then issued with the stages clearly itemised and costs shown for all elements.

The first stage is to get an accurate scaled survey drawn up either by a professional Land Surveyor for larger or more complex sites, or, for smaller gardens, in-house.

The next step is to establish the brief.  We will have an initial meeting to look at the site together and to explore and discuss style, structure and landscape, materials, special features and colour schemes.

After this a master plan will be produced for a larger project, or an outline design for a smaller one. I can provide as much visual support as needed to explain and illustrate the planning and planting scheme (examples of these can be seen on the website). We will then meet again to discuss and amend this as required.

When a plan has been agreed, materials are specified and the project is put out to tender, using either your own contractors, my regular contractors or a mix of both.

The team I work with includes specialists who can implement any or all aspects of designing and building a garden, including landscaping, lighting, irrigation and in many cases ongoing maintenance and support.

After build costings have been agreed and a contractor instructed, any further construction details can be drawn up by and agreed with the contractors as necessary.

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